bar mitzvahbat mitzvahDJNYC has been hired to dj bar/ bat mitzvahs and feedback has included “‘elegant”, “tasteful”, “original” and “perfect.  Our dj’s are usually hired by clients who want their family and guests to have an amazing evening without the dj and entertainment being intrusive.  DJNYC has proven that you can have a superior party without the dj music or emcee being too loud.

By selecting original, custom playlists and working with parents and kids we’ve found is the best recipe for a perfect bar/ bat mitzvah.   The best way to make the perfect bar/ bat mitzvah requires playing the right music at the right time, taking into account the personality of each individual and his or her friends at the celebration.   DJNYC has an extensive music library with over 100,000 songs, and a number of lighting and equipment options to make for the perfect bar/ bat mitzvah. If you are interested in dj nyc for your bar or bat mitzvah, please fill out the booking form here to reserve your date.