dan - djnycThank you for visiting the website. A little about me, I’m a dj, musician and visual artist in New York City. After completing college I started out in the music industry as a graphic designer for Capitol Records. From there I worked my way up to creative director at SFX Entertainment (now Live Nation) and later worked at radio giant Clear Channel. In my spare time I was always collecting records, and began djing in the late 90s with vinyl at house parties and private events.

Over the years I’ve dj-ed fashion shows, sporting events, nightclubs, film premieres and various corporate events. I’m so grateful to each and every person or client who has entrusted me with the music for their event. The most essential element of djing, in addition to collaborating with clients on the music, is being able to read a crowd and staying two steps ahead.

It’s tremendously gratifying to dj in New York City and meet so many music connoisseurs. Being open to all types of music is important to creating events which are custom tailored, memorable and unique, as well as understanding that often the best moments are spontaneous or unexpected.